Why choose Umbraco?

Umbraco has a wealth of user features which give content editors huge scope and control over their websites. The high level of user-friendliness of this CMS means features are within easy reach of everyone but the most infrequent users.

This platform is easy to customise so allows us to mould your website to meet your unique business requirements. It's easy to integrate with other systems, e.g., eCommerce platforms and Web Portals.

We build websites by focusing on the UI and user experience. Umbraco allows us to develop your website with your stakeholders firmly in focus because it's not theme based. It requires a bit more thought up front, but greater flexibility down the line.

We like it, and we think you will too.

Scheduling and preview screenshots

Flexible previewing, scheduling and publishing options

Easily add new pages, or make changes to an existing page, then ‘save’ and come back to them later.​

Preview how your pages will look on desktop, mobile and tablet before publishing.​

​Schedule your changes to publish, or unpublish, at a set date and time in the future.​

Robust and helpful

Full audit trail of who makes changes and when.

Rollback function to reverse changes to a set date and time in the past.

Recycle Bin so that you can resurrect deleted pages and media items.

Flexible CMS User groups; set different user Permissions and Content Approval workflows.

Automatic 301 Redirect management if URLs change over time.

rollback and redirect URL management

Simple media asset management

Easily drag and drop files into the Media Library in bulk. 

Create folders to keep your documents, videos and images organised.

Umbraco handles all your image resizing and cropping. 

Image crops can be pre-set so you can easily crop and zoom in/out of a larger image.

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Plus many more features...

Not restrained by design templates or plugins

Control how your content looks on social media 

Translation capabilities 

Based on Microsoft .NET MVC

Umbraco is based on Micrsoft's compiled .NET framework. .NET give a stable and powerful programming platform which makes extending Umbraco an effortless process. It's compiled, which makes is more secure and lightning fast.

Even though the Umbraco system is open source, the underlying platform is Microsoft propriety, so you get the best of both worlds:

A stable and forward compatible platform to program with no support or maintenance issues.

An application that is open source, so a lively community supporting and developing features for developers and users.

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We carried out an unbiased evaluation of three top CMS platforms; WordPress Drupal and Umbraco

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