What are collaboration tools?

Collaboration tools are apps, software and online technologies which enable teams to work together more efficiently. Processes can be streamlined; admin time can be saved, and overall improvements can be made. They can help facilitate conversations, organise data, aid project management; all of which helps build a happier, healthier, and more successful environment.

We work with Microsoft's powerful suite of collaboration tools

Office Apps

Microsoft now offer all the familiar Office suite Apps as Online versions now, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Using these Apps in their online form means all you need is a device with a Web Browser to edit documents online without having to install the desktop versions although this is still available.

New collaboration features now available with these Apps include the ability to share a document with colleagues which eliminates the problems associated with emailing a document to colleagues for comment and receiving multiple copies back. There is one master document where all comments and changes are collated automatically! This feature comes into its own when combined with the co-authoring function which allows multiple users to edit the same document at the same time - in real time!

office apps
office apps

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Outlook for Email

Most people have used Outlook, this is still available in desktop version, but now available as an online App as well. Collaboration features available with Outlook now include the ability to automate functions across the /office 365 platform using Power Automate. Strong integrations with the Power Apps platform using the Outlook integration ties together these two important Apps seamlessly.

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Seamless Document Management with SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful but easy to use document management system that is available as an online only App. SharePoint integrates with Power Apps using a native integration and can surface documents within Microsoft Teams. SharePoint has become the central hub and storage for unstructured data of all kinds from simple folder structures to full document libraries with built-in change control.

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Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration

Teams needs no introduction; it has become the go-to collaboration platform for business. Microsoft Teams provides everything you need for messaging, online meetings, and file sharing⁠, no matter the size of your business, AND integrates seamlessly with all the other Apps within the Microsoft Eco-System.

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