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"Arkom are an engaging and supportive agency that have built Keep Britain Tidy’s new Microsoft PowerApps CRM. They made a big effort to understand us, and our requirements and we are happy with the solution they have provided. We look forward to continuing our work with them to further develop our CRM."
Greg Herzberg, IT & Digital Manager

Keep Britain Tidy
Keep Britain Tidy

Siloed data across multiple systems

Keep Britain Tidy were struggling to manage the day-to-day operations due to siloed data across multiple systems. It was a priority for them to have a system they could use as the single source of truth to help make their processes more efficient and reliable.

A huge part of the organisation's focus was around campaigns and projects which they were unable to measure the success of due to poor reporting functionality they had available. They were also bogged down by repetitive admin tasks due to a lack of automation. 

Keep Britain Tidy
Keep Britain Tidy

Custom CRM system built on the Power Apps platform

We worked with Keep Britain Tidy to map out a custom CRM system built on the Power Apps platform. They were using 3rd party systems to manage some of their processes, so as part of the solution we used integrations to maximise the functions of these systems.

For example, Business Central was used to manage finance, so we used integration to enable the finance team to view sales order information within Business central. This was one of many functions enabled by the integration that helped streamline their process and significantly reduced admin time. In addition, we developed intelligent workflows to take care of those repetitive admin tasks that were slowing the team down.

Keep Britain Tidy
Keep Britain Tidy

Increased accessibility, cross functional data streams and improved reporting functionality

The system has greatly increased accessibility to the organisations staff and the cross functional data streams have drastically improved the reporting functionality. They are now able to generate reports on the fly after a campaign, to view things such as how much money has been raised and the breakdown of where the money has been raised from. This has allowed the organisation to focus its efforts on the correct areas, driving growth faster than previously possible.

The custom workflows have enabled them to create and manage campaigns seamlessly throughout the organisation, significantly reducing their administration process and centralising management of all campaigns and projects. The native integration features between PowerApps and Office 365 have shaped the way the organisation operates and encouraged the workforce to work collaboratively in an effective and efficient way.

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