Create a hub to be your single source of truth for all your contact and organisational data

The Arkom team will work with you to migrate your data and your team from your current system, be it a legacy CRM or a collection of spreadsheets, to a modern and futureproofed platform.

All our projects start with a Discovery process to ensure the new system is configured and set up to meet your business requirements in the most efficient way. We will create a Roadmap that will map out how your systems will work in unison together.

reporting screenshot
reporting screenshot
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workflow screenshot

A robust central database built using Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics CRM

tick  Consultancy

Before we start developing your new CRM, we will facilitate a series of Discovery Workshops so we can better understand how the new solution can best support your team in their day-to-day duties. We will create a digital Roadmap to identify how your new system will grow and develop over time into a single source of truth for all your data.

tick  CRM Development

We will develop your new CRM in accordance with the agreed Roadmap using a Structured – Agile development methodology. This allows us to keep tight control of functionality and budgets, reducing the danger of project creep, while allowing a degree of flexibility in the development process.

tick  System Integration

Rather than developing custom CRM modules from scratch, we will identify appropriate best of breed 3rd party platforms to integrate with. This allows you to achieve a high level of functionality, at the lowest cost. This approach also allows us to switch platforms easily; for instance, to upgrade the simple functionality offered by Mailchimp for email marketing to a more comprehensive platform such as DotDigital.

tick  Data Migration

We will develop and implement a comprehensive data migration plan to carry data from your existing CRM or spreadsheets over to your new CRM system. This ensures no losses or errors in data and ultimately will reduce the time for your Team to get up to speed with the new system. It also helps reduce admin overhead moving away from the old system and we can develop and test migration scripts to mitigate risk of human error when transferring the data.

tick  Training

We will provide full training to your Team. We will work with you to identify the Super Users, usually one per Team. We will provide training to the Super Users with documentation support which will allow them to cascade training down to the other members of staff.

tick  Ongoing Support Services

We will provide ongoing support and warranty with agreed SLA responses. Our customers come to think of us as their outsourced technical team and do not think twice before picking up the phone to talk over an issue or potential future development. The same team that developed your system will be the same team providing you with help and support in the future.

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