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Difficulty Managing Members

A powerful membership management platform at your fingertips which includes member database, CRM, membership website and self-serve member portal.

Make managing your members and their data a breeze by automating administration tasks. As a membership organisation, naturally, you have lots of different people with different interests to manage. It’s crucial that you manage them and their data efficiently, for both you and your members. If you can master this, you’ll have a happy membership base and will encourage new members to join.

We can help you to make the management process as simple as possible for your administrators. This is where our solution greatly adds value by giving you streamlined sign-up and renewal processes, combined with seamless integrations to your CRM and portal. This means that not only do the members do most of the work by increasing their self-serve ability, but they also find the process quick and simple, all whilst you let the system do the work for you.

The system will automatically populate the CRM with new members details and the portal will automatically present information to the newly signed up member based on their interests. If they decide to book an event and make payment online, again this will all be recorded in CRM without the need for admin staff to intervene = happy administrators.

When it comes to renewals, the system will send out all your reminders and take relevant action against each member based on their decision to renew or not. For example, it will automatically lapse their membership if no payment is made but will give them an option to restart for a set amount of time after their membership has lapsed as the likelihood of your members renewing significantly increases.