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Membership Systems

A powerful membership management platform at your fingertips which includes member database, CRM, membership website and self-serve member portal.

What does it include?

Our membership solution is highly flexible and customisable, we carefully piece it together to meet your exact requirements. No more. No less.
Explore its features below.

Streamline your processes and use automation to your advantage with our futureproofed, sustainable solution.

A cloud solution designed for membership organisations, that can be accessed anywhere and updated by members. Includes an intuitive CRM based Membership Database system, an easy access self-serve member portal and a membership website with user journey at the forefront of its creation.

How can we help you?

Below are a few common problems membership organisations tend to have.

Difficulty managing your members and data? Make managing membership a breeze.

Make managing your members and their data a breeze by automating administration tasks. As a membership organisation, naturally, you have lots of different people with different interests to manage. It’s crucial that you manage them and their data efficiently, for both you and your members. If you can master this, you’ll have a happy membership base and will encourage new members to join.

We can help you to make the management process as simple as possible for your administrators. This is where our solution greatly adds value by giving you streamlined sign-up and renewal processes, combined with seamless integrations to your CRM and portal. This means that not only do the members do most of the work by increasing their self-serve ability, but they also find the process quick and simple, all whilst you let the system do the work for you.

The system will automatically populate the CRM with new members details and the portal will automatically present information to the newly signed up member based on their interests. If they decide to book an event and make payment online, again this will all be recorded in CRM without the need for admin staff to intervene = happy administrators.

When it comes to renewals, the system will send out all your reminders and take relevant action against each member based on their decision to renew or not. For example, it will automatically lapse their membership if no payment is made but will give them an option to restart for a set amount of time after their membership has lapsed as the likelihood of your members renewing significantly increases.

Data in lots of places? Let’s get all your data in one place.

One of the key issues we find is that membership organisations get to a point where they realise somethings not working quite right as tasks get increasingly difficult to do. After analysing their systems and process it’s often identified that data siloing is the main culprit for the disruption. This is often caused by growth. You implement a new system to solve an issue or meet a need and then another and other. By the time you know it you’re using lots of  systems all for different purposes with data duplicated and out of sync in each system far from the reach of your CRM.

Our solution is designed to use your CRM as the single source of truth through robust integrations to your other systems and applications. We store all your data in one place and give you the tools to manage as much of that data as possible all in one place too, e.g sending emails from CRM using an integration to Outlook, and using an integration to SharePoint online for Document Management. This makes life so much easier when performing day to day tasks as you don’t have to switch between systems to complete your tasks.

As we store all your data in one place, you’re able to create your own reports, Views, Chart, Graphs and Dashboards based on a 360 degree view of your members.

Website not fit for purpose? Attract new members and engage with your existing.

It’s crucial as a membership organisation that your website meets the requirements of your members and stakeholders. Your website should be the hub of any activity you do as an organisation. It’s the place where you communicate with them, add value and show them that you’re an organisation that has the knowledge and tools they’re looking for.

With this is mind, user journey is key to having a successful website which boosts sign ups and increases engagement. We ensure that your website is carefully pieced together with your members and stakeholders in mind resulting in the journey they take being intuitive and user-friendly.

If you have specific issues at the moment, such as content being difficult to find or users contacting you when the information is readily available on the website; we’ll work with you to restructure in the best possible format for your membership. We’ll equip you with the technical tools you need to make your membership website a success.

Struggling to attract new members? Simple, clear sign-up.

As a membership organisation, one of the most difficult ongoing tasks is to attract new members to sign up. There are many routes that new members can take to find out about your organisation however, your website is going to be at the top of that list.

You need a platform that works well, looks good, and gives you all the tools you need to attract new members. A great example is restricted content.

You’ll benefit from having the ability to be able to restrict specific content quickly and easily from the admin on your website and portal. As an example, this gives you the power to show events to all website visitors but only allows members to book on giving a prompt to non-members to join.

You have to offer value to attract new members, they need to see what you have to offer them. You have a fantastic opportunity to do this on your website. We can help you to use your website to your advantage by making it easy on the eye and clearly presenting your value to your website visitors.

Whether this be through valuable content, connecting them with like-minded individuals, publications, online training, downloads or events, the list goes on.

You might know that you want to attract new members but first you need to know who your potential members are. We will take you through a detailed discovery process to build your member personas helping you to identify your potential members from the get-go.

What our membership clients say about us

Marketing Manager, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

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"At every stage they have accommodated our needs and offered new ideas and advice beyond what we originally had thought about. Aside from high quality and talented developers and designers, what really made Arkom different was that that they shared our enthusiasm to create and build a website that added value to our membership offering."


Committee Chair, ACPRC

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"Fantastic service and a responsive team who always go above and beyond, working in partnership with us every step of the way. Genuinely enjoy working with Arkom and couldn't recommend enough!"


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Please get in touch and we'd be more than happy to arrange a demo depending on your requirements. Our solution is scalable so we can show you similar systems suited to your needs as a membership organisation.