An overview


Whirlow Hall Farm Trust needed a website that was both engaging for their customers and easy to navigate to find relevant content. Considering the wide variety of offerings at the farm, they had previously found it difficult to prioritise and organise content. The visual look and feel had also fallen by the wayside and didn't really express the farm’s charm. We wanted to bring the website to life, to give a digital representation of what it felt like being at Whirlow.


We started by researching what Whirlow Hall Farm Trust meant to different audiences. Their customers ranged from senior teaching staff, to newlyweds looking for a wedding venue, so we needed to establish a clear user journey to categorise the key areas. It also became clear that their playful and interactive nature should be represented in the design.


The tone of voice is paramount in showing the personality behind Whirlow. Hand drawn, illustrative elements were created and paired with bold text and large images to give a strong sense of Whirlow's charm. Transparency of information was key too; large opening times on the homepage and sticky left-hand navigation provides a constant reminder of all the different areas of the organisation. This encourages people to explore the website, discovering all the nooks and crannies - just like how they would explore the farm.

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Ben Davies - Chief Executive of Whirlow Hall Farm Trust

They were incredibly patient with us (it took a lot of time and Arkom advice for us to work out exactly what we wanted) and have created a website that we're thrilled with. I don't want to use the phrase 'great customer service' because they clearly see us as much more than that - it's felt like a real partnership. And they let you take your dog to their offices! I can't rate them highly enough - the dog's pretty keen too!