An overview


Support Dogs required a database that enabled the charity to communicate internally more effectively. Ensuring that details and communications with beneficiaries, donors and volunteers were central so that they could provide the best possible service and develop the best possible relationships with each of them.

The processes for recording and monitoring income and expenditure needed to be simplified and work more effectively for the charity, to enable them to grow and use their resources more effectively.


Arkom created a tailored CMS system for Support Dogs based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that included the following features:

  • Communication and collaboration tools :- Meaning Volunteers and donors are kept in contact with consistency.
  • Ledger system to monitor money in/money out :- Measuring the cost and surplus of events and marketing, giving an accurate overview to help management make decisions and analyse where revenue is coming from.
  • Centralised database for all staff to access :- Continuity and consistency of communication and information, meaning everyone has access to the latest information.
  • Cloud based system :- Staff can work from anywhere, especially useful, as Support Dogs is a growing national charity. It also gives more flexibility not to have to travel to the office whenever that proves difficult.


  • Improved internal communication, all staff have access to up to date information.
  • Quicker and more informed business decisions thanks to Live Reports.
  • Improved service to Clients. Because of improved external communication, the customer-facing teams can segment benefactors, sponsors and stake holders - targeting email and other information more effectively.
  • Reducing costs means a higher percentage of donations reach service delivery – which in turn is a good marketing message to get more donations.
  • Full monitoring of income - better control and knowledge of income streams. Ability to upload financial info to their accounts system means no re-keying of their data, saving time and reducing errors.
  • The system allows management of all events, events can be planned and broken down into activities and assigned within the system. The system is powerful but user-friendly - volunteers pick it up easily with minimal training, which Support Dogs requires because a lot of volunteers come and go regularly.

Danny Anderson - Support Dogs

Support Dogs have increased revenue from regular donations by 36% simply by identifying who our best donors are. This was not possible before we had our CRM.