An overview

The Client's Pain Point

EMB Group made a strategic decision to move from a server-based Microsoft Office system to Microsoft’s cloud offering; Office 365. While the Office 365 migration went smoothly, there were several systems still running on their on-premise servers, specifically their SharePoint system.

The on-premise installation of SharePoint was based on the 2010 version. This meant there was no straight-forward data migration path available to SharePoint Online.

Our Solution

With no standard migration tools available, Arkom developed a series of Power Shell scripts designed specifically for this project to migrate the documents contained in SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online.

We developed and tested the custom-made migration toolset with the live SharePoint system. This allowed us to prove that the migration tools worked and allowed the customer to confirm that all documents were transferred correctly.

The final part of the migration was to move the website newsfeed to SharePoint online. Unfortunately, the 2010 webpart was not compatible with SharePoint online so we developed a new integration solution to their website.

When the day came for the migration to be carried out live, we cleared out all test migrations and performed the live migration. We also provided SharePoint Online training for the senior team to ensure staff were comfortable with the new system.

The Result

From a seemingly impossible project, Arkom managed to successfully migrate EMB Group from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online with great success, allowing the customer to de-commission another on premise server. 

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