An overview


To modernise the Charity with functional technology. Although organised, the organisation were working predominantly on paper-based files for all clients. Each department worked isolated in silos and needed to reduce the amount of administration involved. The internal and external communications needed to be improved so everyone could access the system for information, with differing security levels.


Having visited Project6 to understand all about the Charity and how they operate, Arkom set to putting together the bespoke solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Incorporating the various projects showing the different funding streams and the ledger of money in and money out in relation to produce the reports not only for the CEO but the funder demonstrating the social impact.

Special care plan, risk indicators, protective factors and safeguarding were needed to be built-in and factored with an “empowerment star” scoring system.

Training/booking system is being developed through events section to show what training is taking place and where – as well as incorporating having money in and money out through the ledger.


Being a cloud-based solution, it’s meant that the communication across the organisation has greatly improved with everyone being able to gain access to the intranet under specific security rights, regardless of location.

The empowerment star scoring made such a simple process of reporting; breaking down every outcome into the smallest of detail not only for the Charity, but for the funder too.

In addition, this has made an easier way of measuring the social impact the charity is producing. Reports are still being created for Project6 to help them.

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