An overview


ACPICR are a volunteer membership organisation for Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care. They provide members with benefits and up-to-date education and best practice to keep Physiotherapists at the top of their game.

Their issues?

Collecting money off their members. They had to email people with details of how to pay, either via Cheque or Bank Transfer. This was clunky for prospective members, making it difficult to join and time-consuming to manage for the team.

More issues came when it came time to renew memberships.

Emails were sent manually to members to remind them to pay. Then they had to check the bank to see whether or not members had paid.

And if they didn’t pay straight away?

More emails and calls. More time spent sending them.

If the member still didn’t pay? The team had to manually log-in to the system and lock the member’s access to the service.

A huge amount of admin.

Then when the member went to access the service again, they would face a locked out screen and would have to get in contact to restart the process all over again.

Not good for the team. Not good for the members.


Being bogged down by admin is extremely common in small organisations. We automate these time-consuming processes so the ACPICR team could be freed up to do what they’re good at.

We set up a Stripe integration and GoCardless payments on their Member Portal on their website - all that means is payments can be made either by Credit Card with Stripe or setting Direct Debits up on GoCardless just by entering card details at the moment of sign-up.

We worked on streamlining the online membership registration process to encourage self service and minimise the input from the ACPICR team. 



Easier for Members to Sign-Up.

The sign up process is now seamless so it makes membership registration quick and easy. Now the process is automated, new members can pay online at sign-up, giving them immediate access to the site with no input needed from the ACPICR team.

Significant admin reduction.

Membership management via their Membership Database is now a breeze. With automated lock-outs, sign-ups and reminder emails, the ACPICR team have their time freed to bring value to other areas of the organisation.

Hassle-free membership renewals.

Both members and the ACPICR can basically forget about renewals. With Direct Debit set-up, auto-renewals means that you don’t have to do an annual check to make sure you’ve paid your subscription.

Get in touch to find out more about this project and see how we can build something to suit your needs as a membership organisation. We’ll suss out which solution’s best for you and happily show you similar examples of work we’ve done.

ACPICR Website Screenshot
ACPICR Website Screenshot
ACPICR Website Screenshot