An overview


Helen's Trust are a registered charity that give people with terminal illness the choice to stay at home.

They needed a CRM system to see the impact measurement of their work and to have better transparency of information when it came to their donators, payments and grant applications.

Their website was also in need of some love to:

  • Better reflect their services to people in need
  • Market their fundraising efforts 
  • Encourage donations
  • Refresh the overall look and feel of the website
  • Make it more user friendly
  • Responsive on mobile and tablet responsive so that its easy to use across devices
  • Bring it in line with GDPR regulations


We worked closely with the team, establishing key problems the staff face on a day to day basis when it came to accessing their data. We identified key areas that could be improved by moving their systems to Dynamics CRM. The powerful tools available within Dynamics 365 would give them a much better handle on their data for reporting and keeping track of payments etc.

We also took on board valuable feedback they'd had on their website and services to allow us to suggest new ways of navigating the website.

It was crucial that the website became more of a central hub of information, an on-brand presence they could drive all their traffic to. It needed to cater for a variety of audiences with different needs and requirements.

We needed to be sensitive to the nature of the charity. Soft, informal yet professional language and signposts would be needed to help guide people through the website and find the 



We refreshed the overall look and feel and made the site mobile and tablet responsive.

A “How can we help you today?” Homepage section now signposts key areas of the website in a soft, helpful way for all types of visitor, whether it be a healthcare professional or a patient looking for support. 

We overhauled the navigation and created a system of "How can we help you?" and "How can you help us?" to clearly signpost users.

A stories section explains where their donations go to reinforce the wonderful work the charity does, which in turn encourages donations. Tagged categories on the “What’s On?” section allow events to be grouped, so users can quickly filter the broad range of fundraising efforts available. SEO tools are also built in to the whole site to maximise both these events, and efforts being found through organic searches.

They now have a powerful CRM system which allows them to manage:

  • Detailed client database
  • Fundraising and Regular Payment
  • Care Services
  • Purchace Orders
  • Grant Applications
  • Money In Money Out

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Stefan Andrejczuk - CEO of Helen's Trust

Under the leadership of Alan Easter, the whole team at Arkom have been extremely proactive in assisting our local charity to develop and implement a bespoke CRM system. This involved several detailed reviews of all our internal processes to ensure the CRM logically delivered our user expectations. This was successfully achieved in the background of all the significant legislative requirements of GDPR. Arkom continue to consistently provide positive support to any ongoing CRM issues. This is why we returned to them to help us upgrade our Website and I would commend Molly Heaton (Arkom senior designer) who patiently provided professional advice on how best we could reflect our charity's ethos and operating principles within our website... fantastic job well done! I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Arkom.