BTRS had a CRM system donated to them, they were grateful and doing their best to make it work. However, they were working to the system rather than the charity and still using countless spreadsheets etc.

They wanted a system that would work with the Charity and help to make the organisation more efficient all round. Holding everything in one place.


Arkom spent time looking at how the charity worked to start putting together a bespoke system built on the Dynamics Platform. This needed to incorporate the grants and funding issued to hospitals etc for research. Each step of the application for the funding was shown and alerts set up at stages through the process to chase information.

  • Segmentation of data in terms of relationship, i.e. Volunteer/Supporter, Client, Family member of... (associations of people and companies).
  • Ledger for money in and money out to ensure easier cost analysis of running particular events, collection tins, and stock.
  • Reporting to be made easier giving all the relevant information at a click of a button.


Everyone has access to the system which has improved communication and increased efficiencies, which has made for a smarter working team.

Now that the data has been cleansed and contacts and accounts have been segregated, all communication leaving the organisation is relevant to those receiving it.

The structured process that has been put in place for grants and awards issued to hospitals etc has meant that at each stage everyone can see exactly at what point they are.

Reminders have been set up at each stage to chase information if not received. This means employees have access to all historical information which enables them to complete easier social impact measurement when applying for grants or funding. Reallocation is now eaiser and more efficient to help continue the great work of the charity.

We were predominantly working on spreadsheets and in a very individual fashion... Our solution was to put in place Arkom Dynamics CRM... which have created a more productive and efficient work environment for our team.

Rachel Finlay - CEO, BTRS

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