To update the look and feel of the website to align with their new branding and bring it up to date with current digital trends. Development work was also needed to make the site responsive to mobile and tablet for better user experience across different devices. 


After examining their social media presence, especially on platforms such as Houzz, we recognised that their project photography was a huge selling point of their business that was not being utilised on their website. We wanted to create a much more contemporary feel to push the boundaries of their existing traditional web design so that they would be aspirational for their competitors.


An impactful website that has much more effective use of their photography. Large showcase images are the main focus of every page which shows off the quality of their work and maximises screen real estate; whilst white space and functions such as the hamburger menu icon creates a modern, artistic feel. The design is stripped back to not overcomplicate or clutter and far better aligns with their new branding. 

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