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Microsoft Power Apps Development

Microsoft Power Apps allows you to quickly build business Applications using the same underlying architecture and data as Dynamics 365.

What are Power Apps?

Power Apps are built on the same Architecture as Dynamics 365. We see Power Apps as the new improved version of Dynamics 365 without all the extra ‘stuff’ you don’t necessarily need out of the box. If a project requirement does not have a very close fit with Dynamics 365, we will usually use Power Apps where in the past we would have used Dynamics 365 and cut out all the functions we don’t need – quite messy!

Uncluttered Apps

Power Apps gives you the ability to quickly build simple and uncluttered Apps for your business. Each Team in your business can have their own dedicated App. Power Apps is built on Microsoft’s Common Data Model, so each App has full access to the underlying data in all the other Apps, but only displays the data that each Team needs.

Full Integration with Office 365

PowerApps is a part of the Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) family, so naturally integrates with all Apps in Office 365. You can easily track Outlook emails and Calendar appointments. Integration with SharePoint Online means you can upload and view documents against records in Power Apps without having to open SharePoint.


Categorised Activities means full contact and communication tracking (developed and improved in Dynamics 365) is available for Power App Users, including the creation of Custom Activities. Power App Activities means that your Team has comprehensive, individual to-do lists which can be shared with, and assigned to, other users. Completed Activities give a full history of all communication which even includes phone integrations.