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Membership Self-Service Portal

A Member self-serve Portal could be your gateway to providing more value to your members and boosting membership sign-ups.

What is a Member Portal?

With the growing demand for online services, member expectations are greater now more than ever which is why it’s important that your online offering takes their needs into consideration. A Member Portal could be your gateway into providing more value to your members and enriching their membership experience; as well as attracting prospective members to sign up.

A member portal can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and is largely dependent on the type of organisation you are and what your membership offering includes.

Why your members need a self-serve Portal:

  • Keep their own details up to date
  • Manage their membership subscription
  • Make online payments for membership renewals, courses, events and merchandise
  • Personalised content based on their area of interest
  • View exclusive content and resources
  • Book on to member only courses and events
  • See a full purchase history of their online transactions
  • Manage their communication preferences and select which mailing lists they want to receive
  • Connect with other members via an online Member Directory
  • Publish and edit their Member Directory profile
  • Access Regional information and news
  • Apply for grants
  • Download CPD Certificates for events they've attended
  • Notification centre which keeps a log of all member communications they receive via email
  • [+] Plus any other unique member benefits of your organisation

Are you spending too much time on unnecessary admin tasks?

If you’re feeling bogged down by admin tasks, then a self-service portal for your membership could be the answer to your prayers.

The most basic function of a member portal is for members to edit their contact information. The member logs in, changes the relevant information in the portal which then automatically updates your CRM database. No phone call, email or correspondence required, saving you valuable admin time.

Other basic functions of a member portal consist of:

  • Managing membership subscriptions
  • Accessing and managing payments
  • Controlling their communication preferences
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Access to support

By giving your members the ability to complete these tasks through a portal that’s integrated with your CRM, you’re transferring the task away from your admin and on to your members. This gives them more control and very quick access to your services which in this day and age is a huge benefit to the majority people.

Do you want to add value to your membership?

All membership organisations have value to offer their members however it’s possible to enhance that using a member portal. Our web portal has content personalisation functions which gives members the ability to follow tags they’re interested in.

Content editors are able to categorise and ‘tag’ all the valuable content you offer. Whether that be events, online resources, articles or any content that you see of value. Members can then choose which type of content they’d like to see, so when they log into the portal, they only see the content they’re interested in.

If their interests change, they can simply change their preferences in the portal and the content that they see will change instantly. They can also specify which email marketing lists they’d like to be signed up to in the portal so that your email campaign lists are up to date. 

Content personalisation is a great way of adding value to your membership as your members don’t have to go looking for the content they want, it’s presented to them as soon as they log in. This encourages member engagement and gives them a tailored experience.

How should a Member Portal look?

A Member Portal needs to be visually similar to your website, to in keep with your branding and keep the user experience consistent. Make sure that you follow your brand guidelines, fonts and colours to keep the flow consistent.

Your navigation and hierarchy of content will be driven by what you include in the Portal and you should consult with a user experience designer to make sure it meets your member’s needs. Navigation should be simple and key areas should be grouped into manageable chunks so as not to overload users with lots of options. Clear signposts to information and visual elements can help aid navigation and make your Portal a pleasure to use.

Get in touch

Do you want to add more value to your members online and enrich their online experience? Or perhaps save valuable admin time? Please do get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo of our Member Portal so you can see what’s possible.