Targeted marketing

Segmenting benefactors, sponsors and other stakeholders, making email and other communications relevant and personalised, helping you build relationships at the touch of a button.

Improved internal communications

Staff and volunteers have instant access to the system and the same, up-to-date information. This means better and quicker business decisions can be made, improving service to your customers.

Fast and efficient processes

Having all your customer information in one place saves time and admin costs, so that more donations can be focussed on service delivery.

An accessible way to work

Our simple Cloud system means staff can access your system anytime, anywhere, enabling secure flexible working.

Know your customers and market

Track customer communication from initial contact through the lifetime of each customer relationship. Gain valuable insights into what your customers need, how they behave and the effectiveness of the different elements of your marketing mix.

Managing your workforce

Manage your staff and volunteer schedules, holidays, appointments and training etc


Dynamic reports and powerful analytics give you greater control, ability to monitor and understanding of your income streams.

A quality CRM at an outstanding price

Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, the best CRM technology on the market. Uniquely, Microsoft make this product available at a significantly reduced price to support charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises.


Having your accounting system integrated with your CRM makes financial processes more efficient and performance easier to monitor.


  • Based on Microsoft Dynamics
  • Migration of contact information from your existing system
  • User training for key staff
  • Support and help by email and telephone
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Comprehensive facilities for tracking contact and setting reminders for sponsors and benefactors.
  • Event management and planning tools