An overview


The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP) needed an integration membership system to increase growth and engagement online. They needed to continue to provide valuable support, information and research to both healthcare professionals and parents alike. 

The system needed to hit core targets:

  • Aid membership management 
  • Create an easy to use Member sign up process to make registering and paying for membership as simple as possible
  • Increase revenue streams to continue research and funding
  • Flexible payment options for members
  • Automatic renewals via Direct Debit intregations
  • Provide existing members with self service functions via a Member Portal
  • Provide visibility of Members through a public-facing Member Directory

All parts of the system needed tight integrations to help automate processes, alleviate admin pressures from the committee and provide members with a great online experience. 


We started by re-evaluating their sign up process to help streamline and gather information in the most efficient way posisble. We want to minimise any barriers to people signing up, so it's important that the data being collected is relevant and doesn't overcomplicate the member registration process. 

We drew up designs on how to make the Member Directory user-friendly and as simple to use as possible. Comprehensive filter options and location plotting on a Map would mean each Directory Profile could have multiple locations and could be assigned to multiple categories. This would give users the utmost flexibility when it came to finding the right children's physiotherapist for their particular needs.

Members needed a convenient way to manage their Directory Profiles, rather than having to ask APCP for changes. It was decided that members would be able to edit, upgrade and downgrade their Profile via the Member Portal all with a few simple clicks. 

The Member Portal would also be a hub for any edits member's needed to make to their contact details or membership. Membership renewal routines and timelines were agreed so that reminders were sent out  automatically prompting people to renew. However, if people had signed up to Direct Debit this would all be automatic anyway and members could sit back and relax!


The APCP now have a streamlined Member registration process which has flexible payment options via card or direct debit. 

On successful payment, members are automatically added to their new Membership Database and gievn access to the Member Portal where they can self-serve, edit their Directory Profile and manage their communication preferences.

This is all linked to their email marketing system so that up to date marketing lists are synced when members change their communication preferences.

The Member Directory gives private practitioners online visibility to members of the public looking to find a children's phsyiotherapist. They are automatically given a basic Profile on the Directory but there is the flexbility to upgrade your profile for a fee. This means larger practices can add extra information and multiple practice locations if they need to. It's also a great way for the association to gain extra income and continue to provide people with support and information on paediatric physiotherapy.

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