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SharePoint Online Development

Helping you implement an effective SharePoint Online solution which fits perfectly with your organisation.

SharePoint is sometimes used as a jack of all trades which sometimes belies it's core strengths. With the fast pace development of the Office 365 suite of applications, SharePoint still commands centre stage.

The first question is usually where do we start? The first step is to answer the question, what does SharePoint do? This is fairly easy to answer, SharePoint is great for; collaboration, forms and lists, document management and as a general knowledge base.

In short, SharePoint is your organisation’s Intranet system. SharePoint can replace unnecessary group emails between team members with great collaboration tools. Share Folders can be replaced with a full blown document management system based on metadata rather than folder structures. Paper forms (e.g. for holiday requests) can be replaced with electronic forms with built in authorisation work flows. Documents can easily be shared externally with customers, partners and on your website with easy to use tools and integration solutions from Arkom Creative Technology.

We can help you to implement an effective SharePoint solution for your organisation by following industry best practice.


Remove unnecessary group emails between team members and replace them with collaboration tools and clear conversation threads that run alongside them.


Integration with Office 365 for extended features contained within Outlook and Calendar.


Paper forms can be replaced with electronic forms with built-in authorisation workflows. Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your efficiency.

Intranet Replacement

SharePoint Online acts as a document database or intranet, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Documents can easily be shared externally with customers, partners and on your website.

Why choose Arkom?

We provide SharePoint solutions and implementations based on Microsoft 365 SharePoint tailored to your business/organisational needs. We'll work with you to evaluate what you really need from the start and the best, most efficient way to get to your goals. Our consultancy services will enable you to quickly see the flaws in your existing systems and work out the best way forward. 

A phased approach

The first version of your SharePoint solution should be simple, effective and contain enough ‘wins’ to get the team using the system. Anything too complicated will not be used and will take too long to implement.

The second phase of development will be driven by the users and facilitated by your assigned SharePoint consultant from Arkom Creative Technology. This way, users have buy in and feel they are being listened to, new ideas and ways of working can be introduced from outside of the business which is always more effective. Lastly and crucially, your staff know what the job entails, so are best placed to drive the requirements under the guidance of an experienced solutions consultant.