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Website Integrations

Our bespoke-built websites can integrate into many other systems.

What can your website be integrated with?

Your website can be integrated into any other system that allows integration to be carried out. Typically, your website will be integrated into:

Your CRM system to allow sales enquiries to managed from first contact though to lifetime value.

Your Email marketing system, which will enable new potential customers to be automatically added to marketing lists.

Your mebeship management system to allow users to manage their own preferences and update their details directly.

Microsoft provides the most flexible website platform

Arkom chose to develop websites using the Microsoft platform in 1997. The alternative facing the technical team were essential open source solutons (e.g. based on PHP or other technologies).

Some Microsoft applications cannot be integrated without Microsoft verified security that is only available with a Microsoft based website.

Easy Pro CMS

We have devloped our own website development framework which includes the Easy Pro CMS. This means we are able to develop an integration for your website which does not crrently exist or which does not have the functionality you require.