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CRM Integrations

Your CRM system can be integrated into many different systems and is the best way of centralising customer data.

Your CRM system is the hub of your sales and marketing activity so it is essential that all other systems that relate to the sales and marketing processes feed into your CRM system.

Benefits of CRM integration

Track customers from initial contact through to lifetime value by integrating marketing activity (e.g. email marketing, website sales enquiries, website downloads). This will identify where yout BEST customers come from.

Eliminate re-keying of data from other systems will make your sales and marketing processes less error prone.

Better, faster decisions from your sales team. Integrating your CRM with other systems, sales executives are always working from up-to-date and accurate information.

Better control of your business because you can produce fast and accurate reports from acurate, cmprehensive and up-to-date data.

Which systems can your CRM be integrated into?

 If you are tracking money in/ money out using your CRM system then it makes sense to integrate with your accounts systems to save re-keing transactional information.

If you need customers or large groups of eternal people to access data contained in your CRM then you need a CRM portal. A CRM portal allows highly restricted access to your CRM. This means users can access the system without the need for comprehensive training and without the requirement for an access license.

Marketing integration allows the email marketing to website response loop to be closed. Marketing lists are created and managed on CRM, sent out though an external email system (e.g. MailChimp) with Calls to Action (CtA) directing people to your website where their response is captured and tagged againsttheir record in CRM