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Membership Management

If you’re seeking an easy-to-use membership management platform you’ve found the right solution.

Key Features

Our system has comprehensive member management functions including:


  • Effortless online Sign-up process 
  • Streamlined automated renewals
  • Integrated member database (CRM)  
  • Flexible membership payment options 
  • 360-degree view of member communications
  • Member self-service features for keeping data up to date and reduced admin 
  • Comprehensive member reporting tools

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Simple Sign-Up

Reduce your member bounce rate and boost sign ups with an easy online sign-up process.

  • Intuitive sign-up forms made easy for potential members
  • Configurable sign-up form we can customise to meet your membership requirements
  • Ability to save longer member registrations to complete later
  • New sign-ups synced with your member database automatically, without any need for manual intervention
  • Flexible payment options including Direct Debit, Card and Invoice that are automatically recorded in your CRM

Automated Renewals Process

Automated Renewals Process

Increase efficiency with self-service and automatic renewals.

  • Card and Direct Debit renewals are handled automatically but it’s also painless to make manual interventions when required
  • Automatic reminders to members who have an upcoming renewal date
  • Any changes to membership statuses will be automatically updated and synced with CRM
  • Members that do not renew in time, will temporarily lose access to online member services but will have the option to log on and reactivate within a pre-defined timeframe

Membership CRM Database

Our CRM solution is one of the most powerful on the market. It’s built on the Dynamics 365/PowerApps platform giving you ultimate flexibility.

It can be fully integrated with your member portal and most 3rd party solutions with API integrations. It acts as your central database sending information back and forth to other applications.

Efficient member management

Benefit from a full 360-degree view of your members in one place on CRM. Manage all aspects of membership from this area such as:

  • Membership fees
  • Event payments
  • Surveys
  • Grants
  • Preferences
  • Documents

We make it simple for you to manage all things membership in one place. All fields are customisable and configurable, and everything is connected making updating and managing your membership information a breeze.

Configurable & Customisable (Platform Solution)

Don’t adapt to the system, let the system adapt to you.

Menus, Views and fields within CRM are customisable. You can choose how you want to view your data and how you’d like to manage it. Automatic workflows can easily be added to streamline processes where required, giving administrators a seamless user experience.

It’s an extremely user-friendly interface which is simple to use and fully flexible, allowing us to adapt the system to meet your exact requirements as a membership organisation.

Benefit from a seamless integration with Outlook, enabling you to track emails

Our CRM integrates seamlessly with Outlook. All emails can be tracked and recorded against each contact or account giving you full visibility within CRM. 

This is all presented to you on an intuitive timeline so you can track all correspondence, make notes and manage tasks relating to that particular thread. 

Because Dynamics 365/PowerApps is part of Office 365 it makes complete sense to use this platform for your CRM, the communication between the two is ‘out of the box’ with Office 365.

Clean document mangement

You have the ability to manage documents in your CRM against any record such as a member, an account or an event.

This is all done via an integration with SharePoint and is an invaluable function which streamlines document management by presenting the documents in relevant places throughout CRM, giving you easy access to them.

Generate custom reports from any view in CRM

The reporting function is powerful and can be pulled together in the form of Views, Charts, Graphs and Dashboards. This is possible because data is centralised in the CRM and is linked together logically; CRM built in tools means CRM users are able to create powerful reports themselves, supported by full training from your Arkom team.

Ad-Hoc bulk email send

Our CRM includes a built-in function which makes emailing groups on the fly effortless from Templates. You’re able to filter contacts based on any information you have stored against your members, bulk select them and send out an email directly from CRM. Templates can be created and edited by CRM users.

The technology behind the solution

We use the Microsoft PowerApps platform to power our membership systems

PowerApps is a Platform solution which gives you ultimate flexibility, it’s an easy-to-use flexible application which is part of the Microsoft family of applications within Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), so it works seamlessly with all of the M365 applications such as Outlook and SharePoint. With it being a Microsoft product, its open architecture means it’s compatible with the vast majority of other software applications on the market.

The customisation and flexibility makes it a perfect solution for any membership organisation looking to add value to their membership and also save some valuable admin time in the process.

The great thing about PowerApps is that it’s not a one size fits all. You’re able to start with as much or as little functionality as you’d like.

You may want to start off with basic functions and build on them over time, that’s always a sensible option as you then have the ability to add specific functions as and when required; instead of running before you can walk. This lends itself very well to splitting the roll-out of the system into stages, to give staff and committee members time to adjust.

Microsoft are consistently upgrading the features within PowerApps, giving peace of mind that it’s here for the long term and will offer even more fantastic features as the technology advances.

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Please do get in touch for more information or to arrange a demo of how our membership system allows you to easily manage your members from initial sign up.