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Membership Event & Course Management

An intuitive event management platform for membership organisations that effectively assists you in hosting, managing and analysing your events

Effective Event & Course Management

Events and courses are often key revenue streams for membership organisations and are great ways to provide value to members. Having a system which allows you to advertise and manage events on your own platform is very important; in a way that benefits your members and in turn gives you more control with powerful event management tools.

Whether they be online webinars, or large multi-day conference events, it’s important that you have a flexible platform that allows you to successfully market your event, provide a simple way for people to buy tickets and then enable you to run accurate post-event functions.

Types of Events & Courses

As a membership organisation, you may have various different types of events and courses you run throughout the year. Below are just a few examples:

Online events and courses (integrations with GoToWebinar / Zoom etc)

Single and multi-day physical events and courses

Hybrid events and courses that take place using an external system

The Process

The process could vary depending on the type of organisation you are and the format of your event or course but here is a classic example of the process.

  1. Admins add the Event on to the CRM so they can set up ticketing options, allocations, assign tasks to staff and set budgets.
  2. The Event is pushed to the CMS so marketing information can be added such as extra event info, images and video.
  3. The Event is published live on the website and is marketed through email marketing and social media channels etc.
  4. People book and pay for the event on the website.
  5. Delegates receive an email confirmation with their ticket and reminders on the run up to the event.
  6. On the day of the event, delegate attendance is automatically marked on CRM or scanned via a barcode on their ticket, depending on the type of event.
  7. Admins can create financial and attendance analysis reports via CRM, as well as sending out post-event information to attendees.
  8. CPD and other post-event documents such as presentation slides are made available via the Portal for attendees to download.

Pain Points

How can our system help some common membership pain points?

How do I enrich post-event communications?

You can easily see a list of the event attendees so you can touch base with them and provide valuable information after the Event:

  • Send out feedback Surveys to help improve future events
  • Make cocuments available via Portal to attendees (slides, presentation notes, etc)
  • Download CPD certificates
  • …All of which can be managed via CRM

I have no visibility of event data and who's booked on to what

The integration between CRM, website and portal allows for extensive amounts of data to be automatically collected in CRM. This data can then be collated into charts & graphs using the functions within CRM so that you can quickly analyse your events.

The data can be organised and displayed using simple filters, similar to that in Excel, which are linked to the chart or graph selected. The data and structure of the graphs & charts can be easily manipulated all in one screen without having to edit settings behind the scenes.

This gives you comprehensive visibility of who has booked on to your event as purchases are logged against the contacts in CRM. Quickly find out things such as:

  • Who is attending your events – Members vs Non-Members
  • Download delegate-specific needs such as dietary and access requirements for event organisers
  • How much income your events are generating vs how much you are spending
  • How many people booked vs attended your event
  • The demographics of your event attendees (depending on the data you collect)

I'm currently using a 3rd party platform, what are the benefits of using your own website for events instead of something like Eventbrite?

  • Ability to have a customised solution that better matches the ways you run Events
  • You don’t have to pay any extra 3rd party fees
  • The user journey is much simpler for people booking on to events
  • Better integration with your CRM, website and portal
  • Event details are all managed in one place
  • 360-degree view of to do lists for event administrators so they can see all their assigned tasks at once
  • Intuitive event management tools to create & assign tasks internally
  • Members can self-serve; search and book on to Events, download receipts, view CPD and post-event documents after their attendance
  • Payments automatically stored in CRM for financial analysis
  • View event attendee information in one place
  • Easily download delegates to pass to 3rd party event organisers
  • Register event attendance on CRM
  • Generate lists of attendees quickly and easily so you can send out post-event surveys for feedback to improve future events

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