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Membership Email Marketing Integration

We can integrate your membership system to your email platform giving you ultimate email marketing flexibility.

Benefits of integrating your membership system with your email marketing platform

e.g. Mailchimp, dotdigital, emma

  • Users can sign up to specific mailing lists
  • Multiple mailing list options
  • Contacts synced from CRM
  • Targeted email campaigns using CRM
  • Opens, click throughs and unsubscribes recorded in CRM
  • Create campaigns for potential members
  • Members manage subscriptions via Portal login
  • GPDR compliant via the built in unsubscribe synched to CRM

Need a place to manage your emails for marketing campaigns?

The Mailchimp platform allows you to create and send formatted emails from in-built templates or create your own templates while the integration keeps the Membership Database up to date.

All of your templates are stored in one place in Mailchimp ready to be used within a marketing campaign with the click of a button.

Difficulty sending emails to different groups of people?

You can have various different types of mailing lists relevant to different areas of your organisation. Members can then select which mailing lists they want to sign up to in the portal which are relevant to their needs and interests. This is then automatically recorded in the CRM and they’re automatically added to the relevant mailing list in Mailchimp.

Worried about GDPR?

Mailchimp has built in GDPR functions including an unsubscribe button which we integrate with your CRM system so your members can unsubscribe if they wish, without any manual admin intervention. Members can manage their subscriptions in the web portal which will automatically add them to the mailing list in Mailchimp.

Need visibility of your email opens and click throughs in relation to your members?

Opens, click throughs and unsubscribes are recorded in CRM, so you have full visibility without having to jump from different platforms

Get in touch

We have integrated lots of external systems with our membership system, so please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to give you more information on what’s possible and potentially arrange a demo of a similar integration.