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EPA Administration CRM

The EPA Administration team have a comprehensive CRM system to manage the full end-point assessment process.

Apprentice details are usually entered via the Training Provider Portal, however the EPA Admin team are also able to manually enter new Apprentices if required.

When Training Providers have entered the data into their self-serve Portal, it is validated and uploaded automatically to the EPA Administration CRM. Your EPA team is then able to check the Gateway information is correct for each Apprentice submitted for EPA before booking an Assessor.

When an EPA is ready to be booked, the EPA Admin team makes it available through the Assessor/Moderator self-serve Portal. When the Assessment and optional Moderation has been booked and the Assessment is complete, the Admin team can them complete the EPA.

The EPA Administration CRM contains a comprehensive suite of tools for users to build their own Views, Graphs, Charts and Dashboards.