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Custom Websites

Custom websites can fulfil all the functions of a normal website, but when you need something a little extra, then a Custom website may be what you need.

At Arkom, each website is designed specifically for that organisation and its website users. This has a multitude of benefits:

  • We can make sure it’s on brand and has the right tone of voice for your audience.
  • Have complete flexibility over the user experience and user journey through the site, when you compare it to a packaged system. There are multiple audience groups to consider when making user journey and design decisions; all with different needs and requirements. Some of these needs will be unique to you, so a custom web design service is necessary to maximise its success.
  • Allows us to build and design extra functionality very easily. You are not restrained by templates or plugins; we can tailor the design to what you need it to do. This supports growth and change within an organisation much more than an off-the-shelf solution.
  • It’s really important that a website is easy to use, as well as being visually striking.
  • A solid platform for integrations to other features and platforms e.g. multi-channel Ecommerce, Portals and integration to other systems including CRM and ERP.