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Custom Solutions

A Custom solution is a software system that is designed and built to meet your exact requirements. Sometimes an off-the-shelf package doesn't quite hit the mark, so we can create innovative solutions to unique needs.

Custom solutions are designed to streamline or fulfil a specific business process which isn’t available as an off the shelf system. You might need to develop a custom solution that allows you to keep your processes but streamlines and automates administration tasks and gives everyone visibility of the data to share and report on, for example. 

Why Custom?

  • If you can’t find an off the shelf package that does exactly what you want
  • If your business process is very specialist or is central to how you do business
  • If you’re running your business from spreadsheets or a paper-based system and have now outgrown that way of doing things
  • If your current process is becoming overwhelming and it’s difficult to keep everything updated
  • If you have problems sharing information with colleagues

In-House or Outsourced?

If you need to create a custom developed piece of software, then it’s always tempting to employ a developer and ask them to get on with it. While this can be a tempting approach you are effectively buying a resource, not a solution.

We develop solutions. We scope the work and define what we’re going to deliver. We then deliver that agreed solution via a phases approach. Taking a phased approach means that you stay in control of what functionality is delivered and the timeframe of when delivery happens.

We’ll always maintain the right mix of project management, skills and productivity to meet customer expectations.