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If you’re getting people to engage with your social media, visit your website and attend fundraising events you can record this engagement and log the data into Ribbon CRM. Once this data is there you can run reports to show you things like:

  • Where in the country/world your supporters are concentrated
  • Age group
  • General interests

This information can then be used to see who is interested in what you’re doing and allows for more effective marketing campaigns by tailoring your message to those more likely to respond. Intimacy with your supporters shows you see them as a person, not just a donation and makes them feel valued and genuinely involved in making a difference.

There’s a comfortable level of intimacy and it’s not that far in the distance. The well documented pestering for donations by large charities has rubbed off on other charities not engaged in aggressive fundraising techniques. Therefore, in a somewhat jaded world, you want to put your best foot forward and be careful to show that you’re listening to what people want. Ribbon CRM will make it easy to:

  • Keep track of who you’ve contacted and when
  • Stop you contacting those who don’t want to be contacted
  • Easily cross check who has opted out if that service is introduced by the new fundraising regulator

If people participate in one of your events or an event in aid of your charity, like the Great North Run for example, that’s great but can you build on this tentative relationship and make it a strong, lasting one? Starting a dialogue and keeping it going is key to building relationships with your supporters and Ribbon CRM makes this easy by:

  • Logging all conversations held with an individual
  • Setting reminders to contact people
  • Keeping key notes about an individual so you can really get to know them

Inspiring people means giving them the facts and letting them make their own mind up and is much more effective than just saying “give us some money”. If you show people the good work that is possible from their donation or voluntary efforts, you’re engaging them in your story and getting them emotionally invested. With Ribbon CRM you can quickly and easily measure and report on the social impact of your organisation and use this to inspire people to support your cause.
Genuine relationships with supporters, and emotional investment from them all adds up to make the moments they spend engaging with your charity really matter to them. You create a community and, hopefully, a Lovemark.


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