Thanks for helping us have a great 2011, here's to 2012!


Arkom have experienced a very successful 2011 and delighted to hear about all the successes our clients have experienced.

We also like to hear when you are struggling with any element of your Arkom product.
The only way we can improve is by hearing of any changes needed to the CMS, SEO or product delivery/training.

After putting 21 new sites live in 2011 we've already had 3 go live in 2012, they are:
Franberlube Self lubricating bearings
Ian Whitehead Commercial interiors
Cutting and Wear Hardfacing and Engineering
Embryo News Great articles on embryology

Finally we have started the year by setting our new website live, a complete change from the previous one, we hope you like it!

Happy Browsing,