How small charities can get people to give more


How can those organisations with less resources ensure they are not missing out when it comes to raising funds?

An interesting article from The Guardian relating the voluntary sector network:

The Giving Summit hosted by the Cabinet Office in May was scaled down in the face of the tax rebate cap furore. A month later the government released its update to the giving white paper with very little fanfare. There was no mention of the tax U-turn, despite it being the most high-profile story about giving since the white paper. The update showcased a wide range of current and future actions making giving easier, more compelling, and more present – particularly if you spend much time online.

Fundraising income fell by £70m in 2009/10 for the top 500 charities, with the top 20 raising 40% of the total. Whether in big chunks from a few organisations, or in small amounts from a lot of people, donor income is a great way to get unrestricted funding.

Impetus Trust funds small charities because....more