If you’re holding a fundraising event, how do you go about marketing it? A few posters up in community centres? Send out some tweets/facebook posts and hope for the best?

What about targeted marketing? There’s nothing wrong with telling everybody what you’re up to but it takes time and man power and may not get a great response, especially with Facebook only showing 3% of your audience your posts.

In addition to the above you should market to those who are already interested in your cause. If you have an email address for your charity and receive emails you have a database to start this from. With CRM software you can migrate all the email addresses from your inbox into one database and send out one email to them all at once. You can then schedule this email to be resent multiple times during the run up to your event.

You could get even more specific and segment your database and generate marketing material to appeal to different groups of people. So if somebody ran the Great North Run for your charity once, you could see if they’d like to do it again rather than asking if they’d like to bake cakes to sell on the day. If you offer people the option to help you in a way that they want to it will pique their interest much more.

If you have historical information in your database it’s easy to do this in a personal way i.e. “Hi Dave, you did so well in the run last year we were wondering if you’d like to do it again?” This goes a long way to strengthening your relationship with that donor or volunteer because they can see you remember them.

If you don’t have a database yet, better late than never! You can start this year by collecting data on those that attend your fundraising event and our next blog will look at that in more detail.

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