Corporate companies are looking to move into the ‘Age of Now’. Simply put, people are happiest and more productive living in the moment, the here and now. In order to tap into this and intermingle their brand with this happy now feeling companies are creating marketing campaigns that promote: participation, inspiration, interaction, creating movements, return on involvement and moments that matter.

We’ve laid out what we think this can be in terms of charities:

This can be through volunteering such as taking part in a fundraising event. The point is to make these moments matter and letting people see the return on their involvement. Managing relationships.

While you will naturally interact with supporters at events, you can cast your net wider and engage new and existing supporters using social media, talk to your supporters, ask for their stories and experiences with your charity.

By measuring the social impact your charity and its projects have you can show people what your cause has achieved i.e. what THEIR donations and voluntary efforts have made happen. Use these stories to inspire people to support your organisation in order to make a difference themselves. 

Return on involvement
This links to the above point. Showing people what they’ve achieved is the ROI in this case. You can make a thank you video on Youtube, a thank you collage on Facebook and email or something more experiential.

Make these moments matter
Every time you have a successful event or you help an individual you have a moment that matters. Your donors and volunteers have made these moments happen and showing them the change they’ve made will make it matter to them. Compile all the photographs and feedback from an event or project and use them to create a ‘Look at the Difference you Made’ email or letter. 

Creating a movement
A movement is different to a cause. Your charity is a cause. A movement comes about when people join together to further a certain cause. By encouraging participation, interaction, inspiration and showing ROI, you make your cause matter to others and turn into a movement and a Lovemark.



For further information regarding building relationships within your organisation contact, Charity Consultant.