Can you really phone someone directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


Yes you can! And not only that, you can record and store the call for content verification. Ever since Microsoft Dynamics CRM established itself as a major player in the CRM space a whole market of integration plugins have been developed.

There has been a recent drive to integrate phone systems directly to Dynamics CRM 2011. This allows organisations to make phone calls by just clicking on the contacts number or from a selected list of contacts. Once a connection is made the content of the call is recorded and is logged in the CRM’s Activities. This has massive benefits where the content of a call has needs to be reviewed at a later stage.

Real time dashboards can show which of your employees makes the most calls and what their average call time is.

In a call centre environment this type of managerial information is essential for staff evaluation and development.

So do you need to invest in a complete new phone system?

As a rule, you need to make no hardware investment what so ever. Most systems are charged on a per user / per month basis starting at around £10 a month. The technology plugs directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and uses your existing telephone system whether that is BT, Mobile, VOIP or Softphone.

Given its low start-up cost and flexibility these systems are aimed at anyone who has a need to record telephone conversations and easily find those calls in their CRM system.

If this is something that your organisation can benefit from please give us a call.