Arkom specialise in working with small and medium sized charities and don’t necessarily think the above is so black and white. The world has of course changed very quickly since we all got access to emails and the internet and there is no denying that a certain level of tech must be embraced by even the smallest of organisations.

CRM systems however, come in a range of shapes and sizes with varying capabilities and what may suit one won’t suit the other and may be outgrown in time. We’re holding an event to raise awareness of how this technology can and is helping charities and discuss if it’s appropriate for your charity.

If it is appropriate we can help to outline exactly how and if it’s not, you will have the knowledge going forward of what CRM is and if it will be useful in the future. So don’t worry about getting left behind!

If you would like to register for our event please click here or call us on 0114 282 3444