Third Sector: Top 5 - how to increase donations via your website

1. It has to be mobile friendly

  • We are evermore living by our mobile devices - they are no longer just a telephone.
  • 71% of adults have a smartphone (2016 ofcom*) and two thirds of people use their mobile handset to access the internet (Ofcom*)
  • The majority (87%) of people use a mobile device while watching TV (Accenture*)

2. The site has to be easy to find

  • The web is huge and there are many charities out there, so you have to give the directions to be found. Charity Digital News highlighted that “Google’s drive towards mobile optimisation through its mobile-friendly algorithm means that a mobile site is now essential for SEO, as well as for users. To put it simply, a charity’s site will be less visible in search if it hasn’t optimised for mobile devices.” (Charity Digital News*).
  • It’s easy to be found, we provide training which enables you to do-it-yourself so you don’t have to pay other companies to do it for you. No-one knows your organisation like you do. (link here)

3. Call to actions

  • Do you have a clear to call to action button i.e. can people easily find the button to donate?
  • Your call to actions need to obvious as soon as people enter your site. It’s like going into a shop and a huge arrow pointing to a product rather than high stacked shelves where you can’t see or reach what you are after. This increases the likelihood of donating.

4. Clear quick step donations

  • The easier and quicker it is the more likely they are to donate
  • Following your clear call to action button you want a quick donation process. For example, if you were in a shop you don’t want to be wondering around the store to find the checkout only to find a huge winding queue when you are making a simple purchase. Do you queue or do you put the product back? It’s the same thing with donations, you need to make it as easy and quick as possible

5. Multiple payment options

  • It’s no longer about carrying cash with the likes of Paypal, Applepay and Sagepay.
  • There are various safe payment options out there which those used to using smartphones for purchases are set up for quick safe payments and giving them the options creates less hurdles

So you have brought people to the website, they have made a quick and easy donation. What next?

Saying thank you pays back

  • You have donors’ details and the promptness of your thank you increases the likelihood of greater future donations. With having the donors details you can keep in touch with future events. It also gives you the opportunity to market at the click of a button.
  • Your data is also cash waiting. For a free seminar of how to help your organisation grow click here.

How to go about having your website on the High Street rather than the side street?

It’s simple really.

You tell us about your organisation. We have nearly 25 years’ experience in building websites and take a hands on approach to helping you get the most out of your budget ensuring you are meeting your current needs and also giving you the opportunity to expand as and when required.

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