Dynamics CRM 2015 adds a global search button

The new global search facility which has been added to the current version of Dynamics CRM (2015) allows users to search multiple entities simultaneously. The global search button can be found in the main navigation bar at the top of the screen so is available from nearly any page in the system. A new button giving access to the advanced find feature has also been included in the top navigation.

Company hierarchy

A new feature included in Dynamics CRM 2015 allows users to be able to visualise company structures, including contacts. This new feature in effect creates a company organogram for your prospect organisation!

This new feature allows sales teams to explore and navigate company structures and access associated records directly.

Brand your instance of Dynamics using themes

With Dynamics CRM 2015 you can now brand your instance of Dynamics. You can change default colours for entities and links and even add your company logo. These features can be used without any coding required.

Branding your applications increases brand strength within your organisation. It’s a great way to remind your team who they work for and why they work for you by reminding them of your brand visually.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available until the spring update this year!

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