Here at Arkom Limited we want to protect you from the consequences of using illegal images on your website — which in some cases can leave web owners with a bill of over several thousands of pounds!

The widespread use of illegal images is becoming more apparent when companies manage their own website images through a Content Management System and upload images which they believe to be free or cannot be traced onto the site. However this is not the case and increasingly sophisticated technology is being used to track down image pirates.

In general, images that are used on your website are for ‘commercial use’, that is the image is to be used for the promotion of a product or service with the intent to generate revenue. Unless you own these images, you must obtain the right and in many instances pay a fee to use these.

Advanced techniques and Image Tracking Services are being used by picture agencies to protect their images. PicScout Image Tracker is one system which is used by Corbis Images to track millions of images that we see daily in newspapers, magazines, advertisements and the internet. Using sophisticated crawling and image recognition technology it tracks down and eliminates illegal use of these images in print and websites in the World’s major stock photography markets such as the USA, UK, Germany and France.

So just remember the line “If you don’t own me then don’t use me”. It could save you thousands!
For more information on the prevention of image piracy contact Craig Dall at Arkom Limited on 0114 282 3444 or click here to contact us.