The government is planning to “publish a formal consultation document” on donor benefits at the end of the year, and HMRC has called upon charities to provide evidence on the scheme, so that it has the “best possible understanding of the impact of the current gift aid donor benefits rules on all interested parties”.

Respondents to the call for evidence can be businesses, charities, individuals or representative bodies who use gift aid. They will be asked to fill out as many as 25 questions which cover issues such as: general usage, membership benefits and factual understanding of the rules as they currently stand.

HMRC has made this call to evidence as it feels “many charities have difficulty understand the current donor benefit rules,” and as such, “decide to forego claiming gift aid on some donations rather than seek to understand, and ensure that they are compliant with, the existing rules”.

All respondents are to submit their evidence to HMRC by October 9 2015.

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