There is no doubt that there has been a recent shift towards relevant, unique and interesting content being of prime importance to search engines. The recent changes to Google, on which I have spoken about before, is rewarding this more fervently and penalising those sites which simply exist with old content. Social media is also playing a large role in this in a similar way as it does with the general media where it allows users or followers to have a voice and understand, comment on and influence news items instantly. The power of Twitter, Facebook and Linked In isn’t a fad, it isn’t going away.

As with the content you add to your site, it’s not published solely for your users to read but also (and in many cases more importantly) for the search engines to read and in turn help your search engine ranking. There is recent evidence showing that the Facebook like function is worth 20 web visits and that Google can now read the sentiment of a review and score your site accordingly. Add this to the fact that followers on Twitter are also looked on favourably by the search engines and the power of social marketing becomes apparent.

As with your content you need to make your social media contributions relevant, useful and interesting and whilst you can afford to be more colloquial and informal ensure you still promote your company and your offerings.

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