Our integrated sales and marketing solutions can take many forms but the most common request we get is to integrate a web presence with the CRM (customer relationship management) tool. This allows all your customer and enquiry data to be collated and kept in one place eliminating countless hours of admin and also allowing closer management of leads, resources and sales activity. The development of such a tool allows you to concentrate on marketing the company and supporting your sales team in converting the leads created.

Alternatively you may want your product based website to integrate with your ERP allowing a web order to be immediately passed into your ‘in house’ systems that process, invoice and pick and pack the shipment. Again, this allows you to concentrate on optimising the site and ordering enough stock to meet the orders!

Combine these systems with a well optimised, attractive website and you will be flying!

Such solutions that simplify your business and make it more efficient are a possibility, they can be done and once installed will save hundreds of hours of admin time and therefore thousands of pounds. We are in a unique position to have the skills and experience of delivering such products.

So dream up your perfect system, write it down and let us build it!!!