At Home with Arkom: Molly Days

Molly: Hellooooo.

Quinn: Don’t do that please. Right, give me a day in the life of a web designer Mol.


Molly: Well recently, I’ve been working on the new ACPICR website. I've been liaising closely with them to get their amends back and do some quick fixes on the build. And working with Damo to make sure all those amends are done properly.


Quinn: So what’s the project?


Molly: ACPICR are a membership organisation for cardiovascular physiotherapists. They’ve got a membership database with loads of publications/research they do themselves. We’re building the website to house all of that.


Quinn: What are you physically doing on your computer?


Molly: I’m going through the site, doing the QA on it, and making a list of amendments that need doing.


Quinn: And what’s QA? Quality assurance?


Molly: Question and answer. Although to be fair it could be quality assurance.


Quinn: Well QC is quality control…?


Molly: Yeah that makes sense I’ve never thought about it like that!


Quinn: So you’re auditing the website?


Molly: Yeah, kind of. Testing it, making sure it works. I did that last week but ACPICR have tested it for what they want, and they have sent us some amendments themselves. I’m putting an amends document together and sending it to Damo, then make sure they’re all done properly and go back to liaising with the clients.


Quinn: So it’s going alright?


Molly: Yeah so I’ve been doing that which is going fine and I’m also preparing to pitch for a project next week and fingers crossed we’re going to get it, because the preparation is going very well.


Quinn: So what are the challenges with ACPICR, other than remembering the acronym? Though you never seem to have a problem with, but I do.


Molly: At this stage it isn’t that different to many other projects, because invariably everybody wants customised tweaks to their website, so it’s very similar.


Quinn: Have you learned anything new this week? I feel like I missed that question with Joe, Joe’s gotten off light. You’re not allowed to use QA as quality assurance because it isn’t verified fact yet.


Molly: I’m trying to think if I have learned anything new. I’m learning a new software called XD.


Quinn: Well that seems relevant. What is it?


Molly: It’s a new programme brought out by Adobe, specifically for website design. You can put together really quick prototypes and there’s loads of functions in there that let you duplicate elements of a design quite easily for web.

And there’s really good shareability so you can share it with the client, or you can share it with a developer like Damo, so he can look at it quickly and get all the information he needs.



What I’m doing at the moment is using Photoshop, which is very designer led and doesn’t really lend itself to web design well at all.

It’s going to improve Damo’s ability to work and get info quicker. So it should speed up his process AND it just looks nicer when you show it to a client. It’s got good built in animation & video functionality so you can screen record etc really easily too.


Quinn: What internet video has made you laugh recently?


Molly: The funny one isn’t appropriate! But no, I did see an amazing video the other day of a baby manatee, (it’s not funny, it’s just so cute) in some zoo somewhere in America I think. She cradles it and gives it a bottle. And it’s the cutest and most amazing thing ever.



Quinn: Have you been somewhere or seen something recently you’d recommend?


Molly: To watch Green Book!


Quinn: I knew you were gonna say that! (I recommended Green Book to Molly)


Molly: Oh, and also Church, temple of fun, in Sheffield, the vegan place.


Quinn: And your personal bonus question, who should people follow on Insta?


Molly: See, mine’s all really wedding inspiration-y type pages at the moment, are people gonna wanna know about that?


Quinn: Well, they might be getting married…


Molly: There’s a really good one called Junebug weddings. I feel like I should say a designer one.


Quinn: Nahhh, a good insta’s a good insta. Thanks Mol.


Molly: Fab!