It appears that a number of you agree with us that Picnik is a great online tool for image management and manipulation. The news that the product will be withdrawn from the web on the 19th of April has left you looking for a replacement.

We have searched high and low and have failed to find a free online tool that offers the ability to crop and resize an image without having to download lots of software. We have found a couple of sites where they have all the functions but the usability is so poor we wouldn't pass the details on!

The best package we are aware of is Microsoft office picture manager which is found within your Microsoft office ‘suite of tools’. If you don't have this package or don't like it we believe that the software that was available in Picnik will appear in Google's social media package +1 soon. So you can just wait until that is available (this does of course mean you have to create a +1 account)

If anyone finds a good online package please do let us know, there is an air freshener on offer as a prize!