1. Does your website work in all the browsers?

Every 3-6 months a new Internet browser is launched and many of your potential customers will upgrade to these. Recently Google has launched its ‘Chrome’ browser, Microsoft have upgraded Internet Explorer to version 8.

If your website was built more than a year ago, get your web company to test it in the new browsers for you. If your website is not compatible it either will not work or bits may be missing which will just lose you the enquiry.

2. New technology

Most computers now have wider screens, you should consider upgrading your website to the new 1024 pixel width, it’s a great opportunity to facelift your website for 2010.

3. Update your information

Make sure your website content truly reflects what you do, if you have a news section make sure you update it at least every 1-2 months. Ideally you will be able to do this yourself though a Content Management System.

4. Search Engine Keywords

Review your search engine keywords. Are they still relevant to your business? Are they working for you? Are they bringing  in business enquiries for you? What are your competitors doing? You can see the key phrases they are making important by looking at the ‘meta data’ within their website. Where do you rank compared to your competitors?

5. Look and feel

No matter how high your website is listed in the search engines, first impressions count online. If your website doesn’t look professional, appropriate and relevant to the target audience, a prospect will simply click away and look at your competitors within seconds. It’s one of the best ways to lose potential enquiries.

Get an experienced Graphic Designer to check the look and feel of your website  against your major competitors. If it comes up lacking, it needs sorting out!

6. Performance Measurement

Look at your website statistics, how well is your website performing over time? Which key phrases are bringing you traffic?

7. Performance targets

Review your expectations of your website. How many sales enquiries do you need/want to receive? You should see your website as an investment – invest time and money and expect it to provide a return relevant to your business; this is usually but not always sales enquiries.

I hope that these 7 points help you to get your website firing on all cylinders for 2010.

Alan Easter • Arkom Creative Technology • t 0844 375 0742 • w www.arkom.co.uk