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17.11.2014 - Membership website with integrated database

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care (ACPRC for short) promotes health and best practice in respiratory physiotherapy for the benefit of all. The ACPRC is run by a volunteer committee so has limited ...more

17.10.2014 - Chrome Lookup errors Dynamics CRM 2013 work around

An error appeared this week for users accessing Dynamics CRM 2013 using Chrome. ...more

13.10.2014 - Lookup errors Dynamics CRM 2013

A spate of errors haver appeared for many users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in the past couple of days ...more

18.8.2014 - ASP.NET developer job Sheffield

***Position Filled*** An exciting opportunity has presented itself for a full time .NET developer role at Arkom creative technology in Sheffield working on applications and portals ...more

28.7.2014 - Server security compromised by Open Source plugin

A new security issue has become evident, this time through a plugin used on the Open Source platform, potentially opening a back door to the entire server ...more

24.7.2014 - The keys to unlocking a successful CRM deployment.

Most companies view the deployment of a new CRM system as buying the software, installing it and sit back and receive the benefits. This candid view describes why this approach almost never works for companies that want to ...more

15.7.2014 - Why on earth would a charity need a CRM?

Is a CRM system an overkill for a Charity? - If you’re a charity why would you need to invest to have a slicker sales process and deliver a truly world class customer service – well the answer is that you probably perceive you ...more

20.6.2014 - How to Lose Customers

Gaining new customers is a hard task which requires a considerable amount of marketing effort. Once you have gained a new customer it should be easy to retain them, right? Actually it’s not. ...more

20.6.2014 - We are recruiting - Business Development Executive

We are currently recruiting for a recent graduate who is looking for paid work experience in a leading digital technology company based in Sheffield city centre ...more

6.6.2014 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 — New Marketing Functi

Microsoft is now in the process of rolling out the latest rollup of Dynamics CRM 2013 to their on demand customers. There are a good number of reasons to be interested in this but for the marketing professionals out there please ...more

30.4.2014 - SEO Strategy course sheffield

In this series of two workshops delivered by Arkom creative technology, you will discover how the experts plan and execute an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. ...more

30.4.2014 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Training

Arkom are delivering a new set of training courses around Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. The first course looks at how to use the "out of the box" functionality. ...more

7.4.2014 - Website integrated with Dynamics CRM

Just launched! New website for a membership organisation fully integrated with the membership database managed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ...more

4.4.2014 - Arkom CRM Pay-As-You-Go

Arkom announces two new CRM pay-as-you-go solutions. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, both options give businesses flexible access without the high project and set up costs. ...more

4.4.2014 - The Sheffield IT Partnership

Most organisations are already using Microsoft products (e.g. Outlook and Office), so it makes sense when considering an investment in other business critical systems, that they take a close look at the full suite of Microsoft ...more

8.11.2013 - Dynamics CRM 40 % discounts announced

In a bid to get new customers on the CRM Dynamics 13 online platform Microsoft have released details of up to 40% discounts for new and existing CRM customers. ...more

28.10.2013 - How important is your home page?

I spend a lot of time each month looking through and analysing website visitor statistics. Today I decided to take a close look at the branded search by looking at a cross section of client websites for which we carry out ...more

25.10.2013 - Chamber CRM is launched.

Arkom are the suppliers of a new customer management database supplied by the Sheffield Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) to its members. ...more

23.10.2013 - Fantastic Feedback...

Becky at Rascal Babies is one of our valued customers, here she provides us with really fantastic feedback... ...more

16.10.2013 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 — Part 5

Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has continued to grow the product with a number of updates to allow for greater client and team interaction possibilities. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 now available ...more

11.10.2013 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 — Part 4

Since the release of Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has continued to grow the product with a number of updates to allow for greater client and team interaction possibilities. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 now available we ...more

8.10.2013 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Training

Arkom are running Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 training and user familiarisation events which will be held in Sheffield. South Yorkshire. ...more

4.10.2013 - Get ready for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 — Part 3

Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has continued to grow the product with a number of updates to allow for greater client and team interaction possibilities. ...more

4.10.2013 - Reasons to integrate your sales and marketing info

Part 1 – Sales & Marketing Integration. Companies are increasingly adopting a digital marketing approach not just because it’s cheaper but because it’s getting easier to collect better quality business intelligence in ever ...more

27.9.2013 - Dynamics CRM online fall 2013

With the impending launch of Dynamics CRM 2013 in October 2013, Microsoft appears to have got the wheels of their communication plan in gear. ...more

23.9.2013 - Tech Support - Changes

As of today 23rd October 2013 we have retired our technical support system, to aim to improve our service to our clients. ...more

13.9.2013 - Discover Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft is due to release the latest version of their top end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Find out about the new features of Dynamics CRM 2013 in our latest CRM workshop. ...more

13.9.2013 - Get ready for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 — Part 2

Since the release of Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has continued to grow the product with a number of updates which have allowed for greater client and team interaction possibilities. ...more

13.9.2013 - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is the difference between Branded search and un-branded search traffic and why is this important? ...more

9.9.2013 - Get ready for Dynamics CRM 2013 — Part 1

Since the release of Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has continued to grow the product with a number of updates which have allowed for greater client and team interaction possibilities. ...more

9.9.2013 - Integrating a membership database with a website

We have just started a new project with a membership organisation. Their current system includes separate databases for website login, membership information and details for email marketing. ...more

6.9.2013 - Can you phone someone directly from Microsoft Dyna

Yes you can! And not only that, you can record and store the call for content verification. Ever since Microsoft Dynamics CRM established itself as a major player in the CRM space a whole market of integration plugins have ...more

2.9.2013 - Integrating E-Commerce with Accounts Package

In this blog we explain how Arkom specialises in integrating systems together. ...more

2.9.2013 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 new on-demand pricing

With the impending update to Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM product they will be abandoning the one licence fits all strategy. ...more

2.9.2013 - NEW website for AME Group

We have just launched the new website for the AME Group. ...more

9.8.2013 - Two New Prestigious Clients For Arkom

Its been a busy month or so, but we haven't just been on our holiday's taking in the long awaited sunshine, we have been busy extending our portfolio with Two Prestigious Clients ...more

28.6.2013 - Setting Office 365 user account password to never

Our Integrations link directly into CRM 2011 our latest integration required us to us an office 365 account to access Dynamics CRM via the Windows Azure Active Directory ...more

25.6.2013 - Sheffield Chamber of Commerce & Industry CRM - Go

We have the pleasure in announcing the completion of the Dynamics 2011 CRM project for the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce & Industry ...more

24.5.2013 - Admin job in sheffield

Were on the lookout for an Ambitious, outgoing self-starter required to provide marketing and admin support for a dynamic web company in Sheffield ...more

20.5.2013 - CRM 2013 online and Office 365 integration

With cloud technologies now starting to ingrain to IT departments, companies are looking to adopt the latest offerings from Microsoft. ...more

29.4.2013 - Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Secure?

The question of security is of vital importance when choosing a system that holds on to your data. Leaving any security holes for hackers to exploit exposes your customer’s details. ...more

22.4.2013 - Dynamics CRM 2011 — New Version April 2013

I have been playing around with the new Dynamics CRM 2011 interface which has been released on the Dynamics on-demand versions. Do I like it? ...more

17.4.2013 - Sheffield Workshop - CRM for Campaign Management

Most people associate CRM with their customer database, but things have come a long way since companies first started keeping a list of customer on a computer in the corner of the room. ...more

8.4.2013 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs its competition

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 compares to other CRM products on the market – and believe me there are a lot of them. ...more

20.2.2013 - Administrator Vacancy

An exciting opportunity has presented itself for a part time role supporting the sales, marketing and technical teams with administration support and generally helping us keep on top of things. ...more

28.1.2013 - CRM Workshop : Sales and Marketing

Could you make better use of your customer database for sales and marketing but not sure how? ...more

28.1.2013 - CRM Workshop : Bidding and Tendering

Would a systemised approach to bidding and tendering projects improve the effectiveness of your sales team? ...more

5.12.2012 - Contact forms

This article is to help ensure your contact form is working correctly ...more

13.11.2012 - Future export markets

During the excellent presentation at Destination Export and exhibition at the AMP in Sheffield the following was regularly spoken about ...more

24.10.2012 - Arkom take a break from web design and go racing

Following last year's go-karting event we locked horns yet again in a battle to finally settle who was the office number one driver! ...more

18.10.2012 - UK Export Finance

In the current economic climate the ability to export your goods or services is an invaluable revenue stream for your company. ...more

3.10.2012 - New market success

Stainless Steel Manufacturer puts faith in web to break into new market ...more

6.9.2012 - The importance of tracking ROI

August always provides a period of respite as clients and suppliers take a chance to get away and enjoy a well earned break from the daily grind. ...more

4.9.2012 - iPhone/ iPad App

A South Yorkshire manufacturing company is launching its own app so customers can order products wherever they are. ...more

20.7.2012 - Ben takes on the GNR

On the 16th September Ben will be running the Great North Run in aid of Breast Cancer Care ...more

11.7.2012 - Websites most cost-effective way of marketing

Websites are the most cost-effective way of marketing, according to a survey of manufacturers in the north. ...more

3.7.2012 - Developing integrated business solutions

We’ve been integrating systems for many years regularly integrating websites into payment gateways and recently we have been working hard, developing new ways to utilise our skills to help our clients. ...more

31.5.2012 - May 2012 Updates

We have quite a lot going on recently in the Arkom office or "Cavern" as we like to call it, and the wider realms of the Internet. ...more

11.5.2012 - HTML5 continues to grow in popularity

This statement may result in a ‘so what’ reaction from many non technical people but it underlines a more important shift in what a company can market online. ...more

30.4.2012 - New page editor launched

After many months development we are delighted to have started using a new page editor that has been improved following client feedback. ...more

21.3.2012 - Google's Venice update

So much was made of Google's named update in 2011 that it is surprising how little fuss has been made of 2012's offering ...more

16.3.2012 - Image manipulation tool

After much searching we have found an image manipulation tool that we think can replace the massive void that Picnik is leaving! ...more

6.3.2012 - Cookies, Google and EU privacy laws

We all love eating cookies but using them on websites has always been somewhat frowned upon ...more

5.3.2012 - Imagery usage

We are constantly reminding our clients to only use imagery that you own. ...more

22.2.2012 - Image management tool

Last month we passed on the news about Google's impending changes to their product offering and have been a little alarmed at your responses regarding Picnik! ...more

3.2.2012 - Domain importance

The domain that your website lives at is of great importance, it needs treating with care ...more

1.2.2012 - Arkom in the news

We were delighted to be featured in the Manchester Evening News last week as part of MEL Chemicals case study. ...more

27.1.2012 - And more from Google

As more and more people use Twitter as a platform to broadcast their news the need to shortern URLs becomes important, ...more

18.1.2012 - Web Developer Required

Arkom are currently recruiting a Web Developer to work with our development team in Sheffield ...more

16.1.2012 - SYITF Social media event

Arkom are on the panel for the South Yorkshire International Trade Forum event on Social Media on Tuesday night (17th January 2012) ...more

9.1.2012 - January update

Arkom have experienced a very successful 2011 and delighted to hear about all the successes our clients have experienced. ...more

3.1.2012 - Arkom App development

We acknowledged some time ago that businesses need to embrace the popularity of online apps and consider marketing their products or services in such a way. ...more

20.12.2011 - Changes to homepages - refreshing or frustrating?

A refreshed homepage can change the way that your website is perceived but does it always help the user? ...more

10.11.2011 - QR Codes, not just a fad!

We are having regular conversations with clients who are looking to tie their off-line and on-line marketing together. This is very encouraging as making your marketing message consistent is a great way to have an impact on ...more

11.10.2011 - Services that boost your website performance

Arkom offer a number of services to existing clients that are all based on generating a return on your investment and making the most of your website. ...more

6.10.2011 - Arkom go racing

There were nearly tears and tantrums when Arkom went G-Karting a couple of weeks ago. There was a mixture of great racing, careful driving and some reckless manouvres as the battle for the podium was played out on the track! ...more

13.9.2011 - Arkom's September update

Despite the challenging economic conditions, 2011 is proving to be a good year for Arkom and our clients as the majority of our 85 live projects continue to provide value and meet the goals & expectations set of them. ...more

8.8.2011 - Mixing old and new

I spoke last month about the growing reliance and advantages of social media marketing and the opportunities it can offer at a relatively low cost ...more

7.7.2011 - Harness the power of social media

Social media at times gets a bad press from traditional marketers who see it as a time wasting fad but now is the time to make the most of the opportunities it can offer. ...more

14.6.2011 - Keep on top of advances on the web

The internet is a fast moving environment where changes and improvements are spoken about and launched daily. These can be initiated by massive global corporations or individuals who share their developments with online ...more

10.5.2011 - Google's latest update

As you will be aware it is vital to keep on top of your website and regularly update the content, hence why a content management system is so important. ...more

6.5.2011 - Keyword research

In recent months we have had a number of similar conversations with a large amount of our clients ...more

4.3.2011 - Arkom Limited update

We try to keep you up to date with developments in the industry through this mailer but we also want to keep you up to date with all that is happening at Arkom Limited. ...more

13.12.2010 - legal requirements for websites

The legal requirements that your website has to comply with varies from country to country. We have compiled a brief guide to help you understand the basics of what you need to be aware of. ...more

17.9.2010 - Cutting edge e-commerce website goes live

The driving force behind Rich Tone Music are the entrepreneur duo of Richard Thomas and James Ferguson. ...more

12.8.2010 - Website Construction

There is more than one way to build a website, but which way is the best and does it matter? ...more

27.4.2010 - Keep your website on track

Your website can and should be an important element in your marketing mix; its performance is very important, as it impacts on the overall performance of your marketing function. ...more

13.4.2010 - Missing out on business enquiries

How many people are searching for what your company provides? - If you sell lavender candles, then there is a good chance people are searching for ‘lavender candles’ using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. ...more

30.3.2010 - Avoiding being penalised by the SE's.

Search engines exist to provide a service for people that are looking for information on the internet. People type two to five words (a ‘keyphrase’) into the search box and hit GO. The best search engines give the most relevant ...more

16.3.2010 - Why do you need a CMS?

What is a Content Management System? - A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to quickly and easily update the content of your website anytime, directly yourself without going though your web company. ...more

9.3.2010 - Understanding your website statistics

Why invest in a new website without evaluating its effectiveness? Website statistics complete the feedback loop in your website strategy. Website Statistics answer the question "Did it work?" when we invested time and money ...more

16.2.2010 - Choosing the right keywords for your business

Before you start optimising your website for search engine key phrases, you need to be absolutely sure you choose the right ones. Why? ...more

26.1.2010 - 7 point web health-check

With Britain's longest-ever recession finally reaching an end, it is more important than ever that your website is out there working hard to bring in those valuable sales leads. ...more

1.4.2009 - How to target great offers at your best customers

For the price of a little research and imaginative thinking you could double the number of high quality sales leads coming from your website ...more

16.3.2009 - more business from your website for less money

The growth forecast for on-line advertising is roughly seven times that of major media overall. Given the current economic climate, it is even more important for all of us to keep generating business but money is tight, so what ...more

11.12.2008 - your website-cost or investment?

The way you think about your website can be the difference between the success or failure of the online strategy. A simple shift in expectation is all that is needed to turn a business cost in to an investment with a return. ...more

27.11.2008 - getting support from your web company

A successful website is largely dependent on you and your website partner working together in tandem. Broadly speaking, you should be responsible for your business strategy, updating the website on a day to day basis and ...more

5.11.2008 - raise your profits in 16 mins

You will probably have spent a lot of money on your website, but in order for it to fulfil its potential you must keep on top of it. Neglect it and it will almost certainly fall behind – without you noticing! ...more

24.10.2008 - 3 simple steps to improved ranking

The simplest, most efficient and effective way to market your business is through your website. Here are three simple steps you need to take to boost your website search engine rankings. ...more

7.1.2008 - Website & online booking system for caravan parks

Developed specifically for caravan parks, this website and online booking system promises to save time and increase bookings. Sounds too good to be true...? ...more

1.10.2007 - attract more visitors with Arkom Limited

There are straightforward ways in which you can improve your Google ranking, and here at Arkom Limited we want to share these with you. We've put together the Top 10 Tips that you need to implement to ensure search engine ...more

24.1.2007 - does your website measure up?

More and more companies are now investing significant funds into developing professional websites to support their marketing activities. ...more

10.1.2007 - don't own me? don't use me!

Did you know that image piracy on websites is on the rise? ...more

20.12.2006 - make your e-marketing count!

Promoting your products and services by email can be a powerful and flexible form of direct marketing. ...more

6.12.2006 - practice makes perfect!

What makes a good website, one that has customers coming back time and time again? When reviewing your website you should learn from the best, taking inspiration from some of the most successful sites out there. Never has a ...more

22.11.2006 - the right web designer for you!

Finding the right web design company for you is not a simple process. ...more

1.11.2006 - is length important?

It’s one of life’s eternal questions – is length important? And the answer would seem to be yes, at least when it comes to the length of your Domain’s Registration. ...more

1.11.2006 - search engine optimisation

Did you know that there are simple tips and rules that you can employ to ensure you improve your Google ranking? ...more

27.6.2006 - sandbox: no place for play!

The world’s biggest search engine, Google, has recently been the subject of much speculation as to whether it actively prohibits some sites from ranking on their results pages. ...more

14.6.2006 - site that's used again and again

With over thirty years in the business, specialist recycling company Roy Hatfield Ltd recognised the need for a comprehensive web site. ...more

22.2.2006 - is someone watching you?

Over the last twelve months the phenomenon known as KeyLogging has been brought to the nation's consciousness through several high profile attempts to access the accounts of big business. ...more

14.2.2006 - pharmers exploit loophole

It seems that the Phishers may have had their day as most people can now spot a ‘phishing’ email a mile off. ...more

30.1.2006 - do not be caught by phishers

Is your inbox often targeted with emails professing to be from Halifax, Lloyds, HSBC or any other banks? ...more

16.1.2006 - F1 in school winners announced

After all the hard word and effort the winners for the Arkom Limited sponsored F1 in Schools Challenge have been announced ...more

13.12.2005 - supportal wins regional award

Arkom Limited have continued their successful year by winning the accolade of 'Best Customer Care Online', in the Yorkshire and Humberside Business Link E-Commerce Awards, 2005. ...more

12.12.2005 - F1 in schools website challenge

Arkom Limited have recently launched the F1 website competition microsite to support participants in the F1 in Schools CAD/CAM Design Challenge. ...more

12.12.2005 - investor relations websites

Arkom Limited, has announced a new specialism to its range of website skills - building Investor Relations websites. ...more

9.12.2005 - SEO search engine courses

We offer a search engine optimisation SEO course so that you can learn how to get your website found. Just hear what our clients are saying... ...more

8.12.2005 - a spammer in your works?

Everyday more and more companies just like you have to deal with the consequences of SPAM. This great evil of the modern, computer driven era affects government institutions and multinational organisations as well as you & me – ...more

15.8.2005 - saving money is child's play!

During the industrial revolution a group of workers in a Nottinghamshire textiles factory began a movement that stormed the factories and smashed the mills in an attempt to preserve what they saw as their traditional way of life. ...more

31.8.2004 - Keep your website legal

The Disability Discrimination Act (1995) already applies to your company Website, further aspects come into force in October 2004 ...more