Cross Platform Apps

Applications that work, cross platform, on all devices from Apple to Android and all formats from widescreen PC to iPhone


With the number of platforms that are in use, it is becoming essential that your business applications are accessible from all devices, irrespective of what device staff and customers are using.

Why develop a cross platform app?

Native applications need to be developed separatly, which pushes up cost and increases maintenance overhead. This is why we reccomend develop a cross platform app first. This reduces maintenance and development cost over developing native apps for Apple/ Android and Windows.

Launching and evaluating a cross platform app first usually results in being able to avoid developing three additional native applications all together!

Or approach to App development

We have developed a diverse range of applications across all sectors for large and small organisations. Each application is created to meet a specific range of functionality.

Our development team will work with you to understand what your requirements are before we start development to minimise re-work, manage budgets while reducing the dangers of project creep. 

Example solutions

Some applications we have developed include:

  • Subscription management
  • Training and elearning
  • Membership systems
  • self service reporting

 IF you are looking to develop an app that works across all platforms, please get in touch to find out how this can be implemented and what budget costs would look like.