The Process


Creative Concept

During our initial meeting, we establish what exactly it is you want from the website and what eCommerce capabilities you would like and what we think would work well for you. We then create and present web page mock ups to set the style for your website. You then give us feedback and we tweak if needs be until you’re happy with the website’s look, feel and user journey.


Building the Website

The designs get passed on to our development team to build the website. We set up test payment gateways so you can see the process from start to finish. Once it's ready, we present the website to you and your team and show you how to use the Content Management System (CMS) so you can start populating your content.


Go Live

Once you’re happy that your website is ready, we can put it live for you. We look after your hosting and all that technical stuff so you can just focus on keeping your content up to date.