Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our easy-to-use and secure Content Management System (CMS) has been used on hundreds of successful projects.

Each Content Management System is built bespoke to your needs as an organisation. This means you don’t get lots of buttons you don’t know what to do with; each button and function is built with you and your team in mind.

It is well known that without fresh, relevant content being uploaded onto a site on a regular basis, there is no reason for anyone to return. In the past this has presented clients with a problem as they have often had to return to the site developer to implement even the smallest content change — which inevitably costs. Our CMS helps you keep your content more up to date than any other solution precisely because it is so easy to use.

We give you and your team training on how to add and update content quickly and easily, within a few clicks. The CMS is very simple to use so training normally only takes an hour or so! However, if you do forget how to do something we are only a phone call away. This enables you to increase your efficiency in maintaining the website to maximise the websites potential as a marketing tool.

Security is a big factor. Especially when your website is handling personal data or integrations to other systems. Our CMS is built on the Microsoft platform and is built using our own code which means the level of security is extremely high; so rest assured, you’re content and data will be safe with us.


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