The Process



During our initial meeting, we establish what exactly it is you want from the website and how much control you want over it, via the CMS. It is at this point we discuss the specific functionality and capability you think you would like so we can advise on the best way to achieve it.


Your CMS is custom built to your needs

Once you're happy that everything has been covered, we build your website and bespoke CMS from the ground up. You won't be given any buttons or inputs that aren't relevant to your operations.


Training & Go Live

When it's ready, we get you and your team in (for an hour or two) to train you on how to use the CMS to update your website content. We build every CMS to be intuitive, so this doesn't take too long. We then let you go away to get used to the system and make sure you're 100% comfortable before we go live.