Microsoft Office 365 PowerApps

PowerApps is a recently released addition to the Microsoft Office 365 family of applications

Microsoft Office 365 PowerApps gives you a platform for quickly building mobile applications. The back end database can be provided by pretty much any system, although the most obvious is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

PowerApps are a great way of extending access to existing systems to more people within your organisation without having to grant them full access with all the associated costs and training requirements.


This powerful little application also works cross-platform so are great for people that spend most oftheir time out and about.

First appearing on the scene late in 2015, the lastest incarnation of Microsoft Office 365 PowerApps has included more powerful functions and better development tools.

Our development team has a great deal of experience in developing and integrating PowerApps with different data sources and systems. As with all project we undertake, we will provide a comprehensive design before we start to built your new PowerApps solution.