An overview


The site needed some love, with no design or development attention for over 6 years. The design felt outdated and didn't have any personality. These were important factors considering the site is an eCommerce site for second-hand baby care products, which customers need to trust to want to buy into.


Whilst it was important to create a more pleasurable shopping experience through images and tone of voice, emphasis needed to be on the professionalism of the business. With the personality of Rascal Babies being fun and lighthearted in nature, a balance needed to be struck between playful and trustworthy. User decisions needed to be easy whilst also being enjoyable to encourage customers to browse and buy through the site.


Along with an updated logo, illustrations and a hand drawn typeface are used to lift the design and bring personality; whilst a muted colour palette of blues, large buttons, modern layouts and interactions bring more sophistication to encourage confidence in the buying process. Reviews are also used on the homepage for validation of the products and services to reassure new customers.