• Receive instantly updated, accurate customer information
  • Use efficient processes as all your systems work together
  • See better conversion rates and customer satisfaction

CRM integration is connecting your CRM to your other IT and marketing systems so that they work together in one place.

It's joined up technology, thinking and customer intelligence.

Better customer information means more efficient processes, more sales and better conversion rates.

Website integration:

Integrating your website enables your CRM to do the legwork of tracking leads from your website and sending them to the right person in your team.

Find out how customers use your website, which products and services they prefer and attach this key information to their contact record, to understand their specific needs.

Email and survey integration:

By integrating your CRM with applications such as MailChimp and Survey Monkey your CRM can do the hard work of keeping your email marketing and survey lists up-to-date automatically.

Mobile integration:

Give sales staff complete, up-to-date information on customers while on the move by integrating mobile devices into your CRM. It enables sales staff to check immediately for outstanding customer queries, which can turn an embarrassing meeting into a customer service success.

Accounts integration:

Integrating your accounts system with your CRM enables sales staff to see in an instant previous orders and accounts on stop, preventing wasted time for sales staff.